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Top Ten Most Expensive Cities in the World

Which City is Most Expensive to Live in

(List of most expensive cities in the world to visit) The City Expensiveness can surrounds the several aspects start with in a city costs of living for expatriates workers, i.e. financial values, customers confidences, investments, interests levels, exchange rates of the currencies of countries, and real estate costs. The following results not includes the expensiveness of a city with respect to the cost of living benefits accumulated to regional people via governmental subsidized real estate, medical care and educations, variations in-taxation, and different remaining aspects unrelated to retirees. Residing costs may be much higher for retirees than for regional people in a creating nation.


Top 10 Countries With Highest Employment Rate in the World


Country has the Highest Employment Rate in the World

Employment of the individual or workers is known as the individuals who will work on payment wage or income for the particular work hours hired by the company or working system.

Looking at following researches and to figure out employment %age every season a job amount is measured and a review is ready by the Organization for Financial Co-operations and Growth to evaluate the rate of applied individuals in the country or globe.


In the world there are a lot of countries that have large growing job possibilities with each season while on the side conditions there are also a lot of inadequate countries where lack of employment is the main society problem. Here is a record of high ranked countries where the amount of applied individuals is greater than other countries around the globe. In other terms we could conclude that which countries with most job possibilities for people, so individuals from all over the globe come here to get the facilities of largest employment rates.

Top 10 Densely Populated Countries in the World


What is the Least Most Densely Populated Country in the World

Most Densely Populated Countries in the World.? By the studies of reports of 2012 and after the search of genuine and confirmed resources “Macau” country is the most largely populated in the world that is having the area coverage of about 29.5 square km.  20,497.34 individuals are residing per square km.

Language: Chinese.

Position point: Near Hong Kong

The most of its economic system is depending on travel and leisure. In compliance to a calculation in 2008 its complete GDP was $31.271 billion while per household was $59,451.


List of Top Ten Most Densely Populated Countries  in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Currency In The World

Top 10 Most Valuable Currency in the World

The present record was taken on the 11th February of 2014 and is rated per their value against dollar of US. Most valuable/Expensive currency doesn’t actually means that the currency is more best financial marketing choice or that it symbolizes a greater financial health of a country. In the order of expensiveness here is the list of currencies:


1.            Kuwaiti Dinar:

(1 KWD= 3.54 USD)

Kuwait is a country which is somehow small than New Jersey, and it a home of the globe’s most powerful currency.

2.            Bahrain Dinar:

(1 BHD= 2.65 USD)

Bahrain is also a small isle country, roughly 3.5 times the size of Washington D.C. Its market depends on oil manufacturing and improving and economical services and development.

3.            Omani Rial:

(1 OMR = 2.60 USD)

Oman, formally known as the “Sultanate of Oman” and it is an Arabic state in south western Asia. Oman has a tactically significant place at the main area of the Persian Gulf. Since 1986, it had its value rate of currency with respect to the $ at an amount of 1 OMR = $2.60 US.

4.            Latvian Lats:

(1 LVL= 1.97 USD)

The Latvian, regarding the West Virginia size, has joined the supportive value to the Lat in support of the Euro that is predicted to be the formal currencies during 2012. During current situation $1.97 US is equal to the One Lats.

5.            UK Pound Sterling:

(1 GBP = 1.64 USD)

The people of the United Kingdom are using their positive exchange amounts and coming to the United States, where everything for these people is half-off.

List of Most Expensive Currency In The World (6-10)

No. Country Name Currency (Currency Value)
1. JordanJordanian Jordanian Dinar (1 JOD =1.41 USD)
2. European UnionEuropean European Euro (EUR = 1.37 USD)
3. Azerbaijan.svgAzerbaijan Azerbaijan Manat (1 Manat = 1.28 USD)
4. Cayman Islands (pre-1999).svgCayman Islands Cayman Islands Dollar (1 KYD = 1.22 USD)
5. SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland (1 Franc = 1.12 USD)


Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World


Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in the World to Live

The foremost and the most thinkable thing which the families think when ever going to any vocational holidays is the criminal and the dangerous level of that vocational areas or the countries. Vacation companies spend lots of huge amount of money in a single year for lowering the dangerous level of the countries and for creating pleasant dreams of tropics holidays on wonderful seashores, hotels and the resorts.  Although all of these efforts gone waste when the visitors or the own citizens of the any country face the dangerous of living in such dangerous countries.

Approximately the ninety nine percent of the individuals who contact the traveling guiders, both the travelers and team became the sufferers of criminal activity in the Dangerous countries. A fewer individuals reported the crimes and even of being pick pocketed in Italy. As in the many dangerous countries there are weapons or guns from individuals who are involved in the crimes.

Top Ten Countries with the Highest Birth Rates


Which Countries have the Highest Fertility (Birth Rates) Rates in the World

                 Raw beginning amount (birth rate) represents the variety of births over a certain interval separated by the individuals-years resided by the inhabitants regarding that interval. It is indicated as variety of births per 1,000 inhabitants.


After viewing the various genuine and confirmed resources and research Niger is the Country having the biggest Birth rate on the globe.

The record is in accordance with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) “2016 yearly statistics”.

List of Countries with the Highest Birth Rate

Top 10 Most Corrupt Country in the World


Which Country is the Most Corrupt Nation (Country) in the World

No doubt among the most serious and the significant issues and the disasters of any country Corruption is taken on the most high rankings on the globe, it could be of various types.

Corruption is at higher level almost in all the nations but this issue has distinction in its amount in different countries.Crime is frequent in every nation on the globe. Here is a record of all the Countries of the Globe which are highly corrupted. Among these countries searches have created it to this record, thanks to its corrupt political figures with unlawful income generating abilities. Within these nations of the whole world, briberies and corruptions are widespread. You can type this record of corrupted countries of the whole globe by any line to get the most results of these countries or least corrupt countries.


Top Ten Oil Producing Countries in the World

Top 10 Largest Oil Producing Countries in the World

(Which Country of the World is Largest Oil Producer) Today the topic of discussion is the Oil Production. Everyone is aware with the needs of Oil as it is the most valuable useful and precious source of energies on the globe.Oil-Producer

Its demand and usage is improving as the days are passing. Its requirement is improving at maximum level throughout the world. Various elements are produced from raw oil, like Petrol and fuel etc. Production of Oil can be taken as the mixture of raw oil drums produced on regular basis via the exploration procedure. Number of countries has significantly impacted by the enhancements and improvements in the oil markets. In various countries oil is produced via a procedure that vary and sometimes similar.

Top Ten Largest Countries of Oil Production in the World

            In compliance to an calculate done by IEA during the end of 2011, sixty three percent of the globe’s complete oil outcome is acquired by the top ten biggest producing countries that are:

Rank Country Production output (Percentage)
1. Russia.svgRussia 10,730,000 12.65%
2. 23px-Flag_of_Saudi_Arabia.svgSaudi Arabia 9,570,000 11.28%
3. United States.svgUnited States 9,023,000 10.74%
4. Iran.svgIran 4,231,000 4.77%
5. ChinaChina 4,073,000 4.56%
6. Canada.svgCanada 3,592,000 3.90%
7. IraqIraq 3,400,000 3.75%
8. United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates 3,087,000 3.32%
9. MexicoMexico 2,934,000 3.56%
10. Kuwait.svgKuwait 2,682,000 2.96%

Q:Which Country of the World is Largest Oil Producer?

Ans:Currently Russian is the largest Oil Producer country on the globe. As during the year of 2011 it has the total 12.65 % of the world oil production.

Which Country has Best Doctors in the World


List of Most Famous Doctors in the World

An honest connection among the doctor and the effected person should be there as a patient needs someone for getting him away from it as dealing with him perfectly and precisely, and furthermore being a nice doctor is an individual who tries his highly best to treat and re-cure the effected person. In the area of pharmaceutical, medical care experts independently analyze the diseased individual. Recognize, take care and control the disease with the usage of medicine knowledge and considerations. This time so many categories of doctors which can treat various illnesses have the areas of expertise of various parts and systems of bodies.

Top 10 Countries With Highest Quality of Life


Top Ten Countries with the Highest Standard of Living 2017

Life with the top quality of a particular enterprise indicates the residing requirements, economics and budget of a state that is most impressively in the western globe and individuals of such locations get proud on them and on their county. Aspects and requirements are of large numbers via that the residing conventional and life style qualities could be calculated.  Following are few major aspects that are too much help full in determining and recognizing the residing life style quality catalog of a nation.


Which Country has the World’s Highest Deforestation Rate


Which Country has the highest rate of total deforestation in the World

The Deforestation can be defined as the removal of trees and vegetation from the forests or it is the elimination of a wood lands or take a position of plants where the area is there after transformed to a non forest usage. Illustrations of deforestation’s consist of transformation of forest land to plants and farms, ranches, or for city usage.

The major issues of the Deforestation mainly related to the annihilation/extinction, modifications to weather circumstances, desertification, and exchange and replacements of communities as noticed by present circumstances and in the past via the non-renewable history. As Deforestation definitely affect the living flora as greater than half of all place and area creature varieties on the globe live in tropics forest.


The Deforestation could cause so many Problems and among them the main are:

Which Country is Most Populated With Buddhists


Which Country is Most Populated With Buddhists

Among the non theistic religions the Buddhism is a which involves a wide range of customs, values and methods mostly depending on lessons linked to Siddhartha Gautama, who is generally famous as the Buddha, significance “the woke up one”.

Concerning with Buddhist custom, the Buddha resided and trained in the east region of the Native Indian subcontinents during the 6th and 4th millennium of years BCE. For getting a calculation about the count of Buddhists is too much challenging because of the several aspects. It has expanded religious beliefs across the globe. There is a record of top 10 nations with the greater numbers of Buddhism.


Top Ten Countries with the Highest Proportion of Buddhists



Percentage of Buddhists














Sri Lanka

















Q: Which Country is Most Populated With Buddhists?
After the verification of the authenticate resources and the searches it is founded that the Thailand is the top country with the greatest figures of Buddhists in comparison to other countries. Approximately ninety five percent of its inhabitants consider being Buddhism. However, by the evaluation of the data of Buddhists by inhabitants then Chinese has the greatest number of estimated as 10,20,00,000 persons belonged to Buddhism.

Which Country has Highest Drug Use in the World


Top Ten Highest Rate of Drugs Use (Addication, Abuse) in the World

Due to the large habit of narcotics simply called Drugs that take to cut ailment and numerous individuals to death yearly. Drugs misuse associates with its usage and with excessive use these substances. The following ingredients are dangerous for human wellness exclusively for psychological levels of medical. Its addict is due to obsessive materials which creates a noisome to the sufferers. The continue usage and failing efforts for stopping its use similar elements could generate an individual to become resorted completely. No country supports material dependency although their population distribute such activities. There are few countries which totally prohibit the use of these ingredients. There are individuals which resort to self destruction (suicide) all due to the material dependency excessive use. More teenagers use prescribed drugs non-clinically than any other age group.

Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World


List of Top Ten Smartest Countries in the World

Whenever someone comes to evaluating the Smartest Countries then the factors could be as countless then the thinking. There are several financial matters on hands and talking regarding the minds one has obtain is what one recognizes as a critical basis on turning the other face.  A fewer to do the list factors are knowledge, area, GDP, travel and leisure. Although it deserves to note the number of smartest population of a smartest country got, and the performances of the country with respect to the knowledge is mentioned.

The many smartest countries have been rated with respect to the different groups i.e. the biggest, the lowest, the greater booming, the most joyful etc. A country can be said as Smartest Country if its individuals must be well educated and trained in all perspectives of the life. Along this, the country should be greatly advanced in technical modifications and inventions.


The latest technologies are making the life simpler in a smartest country enhancing productions and improving the efficiencies in the growth of industry. When a country got the smartest individuals, then it has an advanced level of security and balance gaining several investors to the country. After all these, the knowledge programs and training facilities are also crucial for a country to be regarded as smartest country, as individuals will be full of required skills needed for contribution in the growth processes promoting the financial developments.

When the 2nd World War was ended then the several nations stopped playing War resulting in political balance. This ultimately led to financial growth and following progression in technical innovations resulting in appearance of smartest countries. These smartest countries not only extended their own financial systems but also assisted for creating nations advances too by investing and their contributions to their government authorities.


Rank Country Pop
1. Canada.svgCanada  9,093,507
2. flag-of-IsraelIsrael
3. 23px-Flag_of_Japan.svgJapan
4. United States.svgUnited States
5. New Zealand.svgNew Zealand
6. South Korea.svgSouth Korea
7. NorwayNorway
8. Ireland.svgIreland
9. LuxembourgLuxembourg
10. Denmark.svgDenmark

Q: Which Country of the World has Most Population of Immigrants.?

Q:        Which is the Smartest Country of the World?

Ans:     The Canada is considered to be the smartest country in the world. The citizens of the Canada are literate even the elderly. Most are post graduates from the well known Universities and diploma holders in the various institutions in the country.


Top 10 Countries With Largest Christian Population


Top 10 Countries Having the Largest Christianity Religion

A present extensive study surrounding greater than 200 countries revealed which are greater than 33 hundred million supporters out of the complete seven immeasurable populations across the world. Currently, in the Twenty first millennium Christian religion is regarded the most important religious values across the world. So it is the religious values having the one third of the entire global population all over the entire world.

Further it has three main categories of Religious believers of Christians which are being followed in various countries. It could also be called as Christianity is separated into following types which are Catholic, Protestantism and Eastern Orthodox.

Among all 3 categories Catholic is the greatest type following into the different countries around the world. Approximately a millennium ago western nations were regarded the base of Christian Religious believers in comparison to other areas although now just 26% followers are present in the European countries so presently America is regarded the main home of Christian community throughout the world with greater than 37% worshipers.

Christians are extensive believers that’s why it couldn’t be determined which nation is the main center of Christianity, and from the results of researches it is seen that more of the percentage of this religion people are living in the below six countries.


  1. China is formally identified as Individuals’ Republic of china that is the great booming nations all over the entire globe with greater than 1,349,585,838 Christianity followers.
  2. India appears on the second no. in the record of our research having the largest Christian approximately more than 1,220,800,359 Christians are present in India.
  3. USA is among those countries of the world which is quickest growing economically here the Christians community is the major religious values all with greater than 316, 668,567 followers.
  4. Indonesia is formally identified as the Republic of Indonesia that is the most important Islamic nation across the world. The Christian’s number is the second biggest religious in this country hence in it appears at fourth rank with the believers are paying attention to the catholic values.
  5. Brazil formally identified as Federative Republic of Brazil that has population from the results of 2013 demographics was measured 201032714 from which 201,009,622 individuals are catholic believers.
  6. Pakistan is formally called as Islamic Republic of Pakistan, as the name showing it is surely determined that Pakistan is the 3rd biggest Islamic nation across the world. And the 6th biggest nation with largest Christians.

Top Ten Countries Having the Largest Christianity Religion

Rank Country Population
1. ChinaChina 1,349,585,838
2. 23px-Flag_of_India.svgIndia 1,220,900,459
3. United States.svgUnited States 316, 668,567
4. IndonesiaIndonesia 1251,160,124
5. Brazil.svgBrazil 201032714
6. PakistanPakistan 193,238,868
10. 23px-Flag_of_Japan.svgJapan 127,253,075