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10 Countries Spending the Most on the Military

10 Countries Spending the Most on the Military

Countries Spending the Most on the Military

(Top 10 countries spending the most on the military) The expenses spent by a country on its Military within a specific year are also specific. Military expenses details are provided in US $ depending on either continuous or present rates of exchange.

If we read the short saying of “James Madison, Governmental Findings, 1795”, then we can easily understand the purpose of this topic. As James Madison said, of the enemy to publically independence war is, may be the most to be terrifying due to it consists of and produces the germs of every other. The War is the mother of armies; from these continue financial obligations and taxation… the known equipment for providing the several under the control of the few.… No country could protect its independence/freedom in the middle of continuous warfare.

And the Military Expenditures results will differ from year-year depending on variations in the rates of exchange of currency of country. And these variations may modify a position of country from one year-next.

The record is in accordance with the SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) Year-book 2013 such as a record on the top 10 Military spenders, depending on industry rates of exchange.

 Top Ten Countries Spending Most on Military

Rank Country Name

(GDP in %)

Total Spending

in $ Bn. PPP (World Share in %)

1. United States.svgUnited States          (4.4) 682.0    (39.0)
2. ChinaPeople’s Republic of China (2.0) 249.0   (9.5)
3. Russia.svgRussia                     (4.4) 116.0   (5.2)
4. United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom      (2.5) 57.5    (3.5)
5. 23px-Flag_of_Japan.svgJapan                     (1.0) 46.0   (3.4)
6. France.svgFrance                    (2.3) 50.7   (3.4)
7. Saudi Arabia.svgSaudi Arabia           (8.9) 63.9   (3.2)
8. 23px-Flag_of_India.svgIndia                      (2.5) 119.0 (2.6)
9. Germany.svgGermany                (1.4) 42.8  (2.6)
10. ItalyItaly                       (1.7) 31.0  (1.9)

Q: Which Countries Spending the Most on the Military.?

Ans: It seems surprising that United States Military expenditure are still on top even it has already far going above that of any other country and at stats real-terms levels since World War II, is ongoing to improve in the face of a serious financial problems and a chief executive dedicated to a more multilateral foreign policy approach.

The answer could be in the issue in Afghanistan, to which Donald Trump dedicated and where the United States Military existence is increasing day by day, even as the issue in Iraq gusts of wind down.