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The Most Generous Countries in the World

The Most Generous Countries in the World
Which is the Most Charitable Country in the World
Which is the Most Charitable Country in the World
Which is the Most Charitable Country in the World

The International Generous Aids to developing or third world countries dropped for the 2nd year continuously. As the European economical debt problems are continued to weigh intensely on the richest countries. Grants and loans intended to benefit the countries which are trying to develop and this session has dropped by four percent during 2012, after falling status of two percent in the year of 2011.

The U. S. provided just more than 30 billion dollars in aid last year showing the Generous Country to itself and approximately one percent less than the season before. However, the significant, the amount included less than 0.2 percent of the national total nationwide earnings (GNI), far lower than most generosity showing countries.

The Developed countries calculated by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) provided an avg. of 0.31 percent of total nationwide earnings to developing countries in aids. There are also few countries, usually the ones able to afford it, provided much more to foreign aids. And it could be expected that several countries which give great relative to the size of their financial systems have the economical means to do so and shows the generous behavior. All of them have an ideal currency rating, according to “Moody’s Investors Service”. They also have relatively low economical debt.

And it is also a fact that not all of the countries which are giving more to developing countries are free of economical stress i.e. Ireland, U.K. and France have been hurt by the economical debt problems of Europe and the economic recession. These countries have rising economical debt and less than perfect credits scoring.

Most Generous Countries in the World

Rank Country Donor Aid Per Capita
1. Luxembourg Luxembourg  389.53
2. 20px-Flag_of_Denmark.svgDenmark 490.59
3. Norway Norway  302.51
4. NetherlandsNetherlands 241.39
5. SwedenSweden 188.24
6. United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom 176.06
7. Finland.svgFinland  162.36
8. Ireland.svgIreland 147.72
9. SwitzerlandSwitzerland  145.61
10. BelgiumBelgium  103.15
Q:  Which Country is the Most Generous in the World?


Ans:  As the Generosity is the biggest kind of good action, and in this regard, Luxembourg is the Most Generous Country in the World. It has about 1 percent of International Aid as a pct. of GNI. While it’s total International aid is about 432 billion dollars.