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Top 10 Countries With Highest Employment Rate in the World

Top 10 Countries With Highest Employment Rate in the World

Country has the Highest Employment Rate in the World

Employment of the individual or workers is known as the individuals who will work on payment wage or income for the particular work hours hired by the company or working system.

Looking at following researches and to figure out employment %age every season a job amount is measured and a review is ready by the Organization for Financial Co-operations and Growth to evaluate the rate of applied individuals in the country or globe.


In the world there are a lot of countries that have large growing job possibilities with each season while on the side conditions there are also a lot of inadequate countries where lack of employment is the main society problem. Here is a record of high ranked countries where the amount of applied individuals is greater than other countries around the globe. In other terms we could conclude that which countries with most job possibilities for people, so individuals from all over the globe come here to get the facilities of largest employment rates.

Top Ten Countries with Highest Employment Rates in the World

Rank Country % of Employed Persons
(OECD Countries)
1. IcelandIceland 82.8
2. SwitzerlandSwitzerland 77.4
3. Denmark.svgDenmark 76.0
4. NorwayNorway 75.6
5. New Zealand.svgNew Zealand 73.5
6. SwedenSweden 73.5
7. NetherlandsNetherlands 72.7
8. United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom 72.7
9. Canada.svgCanada 72.6
10. United States.svgUnited States 71.2

Q: Which Country has the highest Employed People in the World.?

Ans: Iceland is the country having the biggest rates of employed persons on the globe with 88.2%.