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Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

List of Top Ten Smartest Countries in the World

Whenever someone comes to evaluating the Smartest Countries then the factors could be as countless then the thinking. There are several financial matters on hands and talking regarding the minds one has obtain is what one recognizes as a critical basis on turning the other face.  A fewer to do the list factors are knowledge, area, GDP, travel and leisure. Although it deserves to note the number of smartest population of a smartest country got, and the performances of the country with respect to the knowledge is mentioned.

The many smartest countries have been rated with respect to the different groups i.e. the biggest, the lowest, the greater booming, the most joyful etc. A country can be said as Smartest Country if its individuals must be well educated and trained in all perspectives of the life. Along this, the country should be greatly advanced in technical modifications and inventions.


The latest technologies are making the life simpler in a smartest country enhancing productions and improving the efficiencies in the growth of industry. When a country got the smartest individuals, then it has an advanced level of security and balance gaining several investors to the country. After all these, the knowledge programs and training facilities are also crucial for a country to be regarded as smartest country, as individuals will be full of required skills needed for contribution in the growth processes promoting the financial developments.

When the 2nd World War was ended then the several nations stopped playing War resulting in political balance. This ultimately led to financial growth and following progression in technical innovations resulting in appearance of smartest countries. These smartest countries not only extended their own financial systems but also assisted for creating nations advances too by investing and their contributions to their government authorities.


Rank Country Pop
1. Canada.svgCanada  9,093,507
2. flag-of-IsraelIsrael
3. 23px-Flag_of_Japan.svgJapan
4. United States.svgUnited States
5. New Zealand.svgNew Zealand
6. South Korea.svgSouth Korea
7. NorwayNorway
8. Ireland.svgIreland
9. LuxembourgLuxembourg
10. Denmark.svgDenmark

Q: Which Country of the World has Most Population of Immigrants.?

Q:        Which is the Smartest Country of the World?

Ans:     The Canada is considered to be the smartest country in the world. The citizens of the Canada are literate even the elderly. Most are post graduates from the well known Universities and diploma holders in the various institutions in the country.