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Which Country does Samsung belongs

Which Country does Samsung belongs
Country does Samsung belongs

Who is the owner of the Samsung Company?

Basically in 1938, Lee Byung-Chul established Samsung as a trading company in Southern Korea. Samsung joined the electronic devices market in the delayed Sixties and the development and shipbuilding sectors in the mid-1970s; these locations would drive its following growth. Following Lee’s loss of life later, the main Samsung was divided into four business categories: Samsung Team, Shinsegae Team, CJ Team, and Hansol Team.

It is also offering solutions about the various naturals like Development, Financially solutions, Ads publishing, Enjoyment, Hospitals availability, Info’s and Emails Technologies Service, Retails store and Healthcare supports. However, effectively it is popular for cell phones, camcorders, and HDTVs.

Its main opponents are Apple and Nokia.  Samsung includes many other products and companies associations which are working under its main company. From its starting day, it has an effective effect on the progress of the Southern Korea Economic system. No doubt Samsung is the biggest and highly popular organization throughout the globe with almost 369,000 (FY 2011) workers.

Samsung marketing facilities securely distribute globally. Other then Mobile Phones also has made a lot of products like:

•           Products for Medically usage

•           Products used in Tele-Communications

•           Stuff of Apparel

•           Materials of Chemicals for many other Products

•           Precise but powerful Components of Electronic Arts

•           And many others

Since the ’90s Company of Samsung has progressively globalized its actions and products, and electronic devices, especially mobile phones and semiconductors, have become its most essential sources of income and profits.

Q: Which Country is the Creator of Samsung?

Ans: Southern Korea is the creator of Samsung, in this country, it was established, and its initially connected to it. The organization is popular and regularly found throughout the world with greater than 80 divisions in various parts of the globe while the Samsung Town, Seoul, Southern Korea is the main office location.