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Which Country Has The Largest Forest Area in the World

Which Country Has The Largest Forest Area in the World
Country Have Largest Forest Area

Top Ten Countries With the Largest forest Area

Approximated 25% place of any nation must be protected with plants and forests, due to many factors similar to the manufacturing of timber, removal of contamination, natural habitat, healthier air and so many others. Life of forest also need to endure, because reducing of tress several types of  Creature are almost came to an existence.

Forest is greatly significant because of their naturally providing advantages as these are natural resources and fresh air generators for all the countries of the world.

In various countries forest contain various area dimension so our visitors can get the list of top 7 countries of the world by their area protected by it.

Top 10 Countries by Largest Forest Area

Rank Country Area Square Km % of Land Covered
1. Russia.svgRussia 7,762,602 45.40%
2. Brazil.svgBrazil 4,776,980 56.10%
3. Canada.svgCanada 3,101,340 31.06%
4. United StatesUnited States 3,030,890 30.84%
5. ChinaChina 1,821,000 18.21%
6. Australia.svgAustralia 1,470,832 19.00%
7. Congo Democratic Republic ofRepublic of Congo 1,219,326 52.00%
8. Argentina.svgArgentina 945,336 34.00%
9. IndonesiaIndonesia 884,950 46.46%
10. 23px-Flag_of_India.svgIndia 778,424 23.68%

Q: Which Country has the Largest Forest Area.?
Ans:  Russian Federation has the biggest place protected by forest and in compliance to an genuine calculate 7,762,602 Km2 place is protected by forests which is 45.40% of Russia’s complete place which is even larger from all the other countries.