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Which Country is Most Affected by Climate Change

Which Country is Most Affected by Climate Change

Which Countries Will be Most Affected by Climate Change

Our today topic of discussion we will see in which country the climate change is highly affected so, let’s start from how does the modification in the weathers conditions over the times which range from years and years to an incredible number of decades is recognized as weather change. This could be due to the aspects that include oceanic procedures like to an ocean’s flow of bio-tic processes difference in the solar rays by the earth activity.


Other than these there could also be so many aspects that are responsible for the weather change/G.W (Global Warming). All over the globe many researchers are performing only to get understanding of previous and coming future climates with the help of the models of weathers clarification and theories. Many countries have hotter climatic areas similarly some countries are well known for too colder temperature conditions. Climatic Risks catalog are the details which provide the level of that countries which are impacted by modifications in climate conditions. Here on countrydiffer.com after the verified searches and sources providing the top ten countries that impacted greatly by the weather change on the globe.

Top Ten Countries Affected by Climatic Changes

Rank Country Climate Risk Index
1. Bangladesh.svgBangladesh 8.00
2. burmaBurma 8.25
3. HondurasHonduras 12.00
4. Vietnam.svgVietnam 18.83
5. NicaraguaNicaragua 21.00
6. Haiti.svgHaiti 22.83
7. 23px-Flag_of_India.svgIndia 25.83
8. Dominican RepublicDominican Republic 27.58
9. Philippines.svgPhilippines 27.67
10. ChinaChina 28.58

Q: In Which Country the Climate Change is Highly Affected.?

Ans: In the whole world every country is affected by the climatic modifications but the top affected country by the climate change is the Bangladesh.