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Which Country Produces the Most Cotton

Which Country Produces the Most Cotton

Top 10 Cotton Producing Countries in the world

The genuine Cotton is a smooth, comfortable fiber type which develops into a Boll or safety pills, around the plant seeds of cotton vegetation of the genus Gossypium. The fibers are almost pure cellulose. Under natural circumstances, the cotton bolls will usually increase the distribution of the plant seeds.

Cotton was used in the Old Globe approximately 700 decades earlier ago during the 5th century BC. Proof of cotton usage has been found at the site of Mehrgarh, where early cotton discussions have been maintained in birdwatcher pellets. Cotton was individually produced in the Old and Newer Planets. The British name originates from the Arabic (al) quṭn قُطْن, that started to be taken in usage circa 1400 A.D. The Language phrase, “algodón”, is furthermore based on the Arabic.

There are four from the commercial perspective expanded varieties of cotton, which all are about domestically produced in antiquity:

Rank Name of the Cotton Variety Native Areas Total Production of World
1.  Gossypium hirsutum Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and southern Florida 90%
2.  Gossypium barbadense tropical South America  8%
3.  Gossypium arboreum India and Pakistan  2%
4.  Gossypium herbaceum southern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula  2%

 List of Top Ten Cotton Producing Countries

Rank Country Pop
1.  Republic of China.svg China  6,377,000
2.   India  5,984,000
3.  United States.svg United States 3,412,550
4.  Pakistan.svg Pakistan 2,312,000
5.  Brazil.svg Brazil 1,673,337
6.  Uzbekistan Uzbekistan  983,400
7.  Turkey.svg Turkey  954,600
8.  Australia.svg Australia  843,572
9.  Turkmenistan Turkmenistan 330,000
10.  Argentina.svg Argentina 295,000

Q:  Which is the Most Cotton Producing Country in the World?

Ans: China is the Country which is producing most of the cotton of the world. The Total production of Cotton in China is 6,377,000 Metric Tones, which shows this country’s industrial value and dedication to the Agricultural Sector.