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Top Ten Countries with the Highest Birth Rates

Top Ten Countries with the Highest Birth Rates

Which Countries have the Highest Fertility (Birth Rates) Rates in the World

                 Raw beginning amount (birth rate) represents the variety of births over a certain interval separated by the individuals-years resided by the inhabitants regarding that interval. It is indicated as variety of births per 1,000 inhabitants.


After viewing the various genuine and confirmed resources and research Niger is the Country having the biggest Birth rate on the globe.

The record is in accordance with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) “2016 yearly statistics”.

List of Countries with the Highest Birth Rate

Rank Country Birth Rate/Year/1000 Persons
1.  nigerNiger  50.0
2.  MaliMali  45.4
3.  AfghanistanAfghanistan 45.1
4.  Burkina FasoBurkina Faso 45.0
5.  MalawiMalawi 44.6
6.  UgandaUganda 44.1
7. Zambia Zambia 43.6
8. Chad Chad 43.2
9.  DR CangoDR Cango 42.5
10.  SomaliaSomalia 42.3

 Q: Which Country has the Highest Birth Rate.?

Ans: It could be described as “The figure of live births/1000 in a season “. Niger comes under the developing nations that includes the total land coverage of 1,270,000 km per square. Its rate of births is 50.60/1000 individuals per season. It has the total GDP is $116.32 million dollars and per household is $771.

Capital : Niamey
Official Language : French