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Top Ten Most Popular Foods in Asia

Top Ten Most Popular Foods in Asia
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Top Ten Most Popular Foods in Asia Info

Asia is an area having a wealthy and various way of life. The weather circumstances are varying in this area as in comparison to any other. From spectacular high hills protected with snowfall to hot dry deserts, Asia is varied in area types and terrain which got their own Recipies of Foods. Furthermore, Asia is wealthy with various customs, ways of life and well-known Foods. Every individual nation in this area is having its own customs, way of life, spices or herbs and dishes of many delicious Foods.

There are many popular foods in Asia in such a wide area with several varying impacts, tastes, and societies, which it’s hard to choose out common Oriental dishes of the foods. Luckily there are oriental foods dishes which are most popular in more than one nation in Asia and among People as well.

The extensive variety among the societies inhabiting Asia makes it one of the biggest places to look out for food dishes that are various in the same way from one another. Each most popular food has a local impact on it making it much exclusive in taste, overall look as well as taste. Although the components which are taken in use are more or less similar, there is an extensive variation in the planning of particular foods.

Asia being the biggest continent on this planet provides a number of mouth-watering food dishes that one must have at least once in your lifetime. Here is the list of Top Ten Foods of Asia.

Rank Country Pop
1.  China China Noodles
2.  Malaysia.svg Malaysia Nasi lemak 
3.  Vietnam.svg Vietnamese Pho 
4.  Thailand.svg Thailand Thai red curry  
5.  Pakistan.svg Pakistan and

 23px-Flag_of_India.svg India

Hyderabadi haleem 
6.  23px-Flag_of_India.svg India and

 Pakistan.svg Pakistan

7.  Pakistan.svg Pakistan Aloo gosht  
8.  Afghanistan Afghanistan Afghani dal  
9.  Iran.svg Iran Chelo Kebab  
10.  Turkey.svg Turkey  Dolma 

Q:           Which is the Most Popular Food in Asia?

Ans:       The dish on the number one position of the most popular foods in Asia is the Noodles. This food is greatly chosen between Asians and is giving a basis for many several other recipes of the foods. It is considered that the Noodles dish was originated in China.