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Which Country Does not Have Military Force

Which Country Does not Have Military Force

Which Country Has no Military Forces

(which country has no military forces ) A time ago there is the well saying of popular France states-man George Clemenceau, “War is much too serious a matter to be entrusted to the military,” and it can also be seen nowadays, his declaration during current situations also appears real.

Although, many countries have huge forces of military which are capable to set up and secure during any given conditions (the greatest and most significant Military force is of Chinese China, it has approximately 1,600,000 military individuals), some countries have no military at all.


Here on countrydiffer.com you can found a record of top seven countries which have not set up their militaries, every country among them have different factors of not having the Military Forces. Some Countries don’t have it all due to of the nation’s record and rest doesn’t have due to of its locality. However, several individuals believe that a military power is a requirement, but it also reality that some countries have no demand for military forces.

Following are the Top Five Countries Working without Military Forces

1:         Grenda

Form the time of America led intrusion of Grenada, the Grenda country never became capable to set up a position of military. The intrusion was almost begun due to a coup of military house and a powers battle among the Government which led to the performance of the Grenadian Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop.

2:         Marshall Islands

In 1983 during the control of Compact of Free Association, the Marshall Island was provided the position of a sovereign country. And it also engaged in the impact that is the Federated States of Micronesia and Palau.

3:         Liechtenstein

Similar to the rest of the records, Liechtenstein is also among the countries which made the decision to absolutely eliminate its military forces. In 1868, Liechtenstein has finished its military forces after the Austro Prussian War due to it was saying to be greatly costly for the country to manage.

4:         Nauru

Nauru, is known as the tiniest island/country on the globe at just 8.1 square Miles that is properly exclusive in several ways, as similar to a lot of details, Nauru has no setting of  forces of military or any other type of army. And Nauru is the only country even which don’t have capital due to its small area.

5:         Vatican City

Vatican City is taken as the tiniest country on the globe obviously, it is a country which does not have a military forces. Although Vatican has not every time been the situation. In previous times, there were several categories of militaristic in country which were designed to secure the country and most significantly.