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Which Country Does not have Written Constitution


(which democratic country having no written constitution) Constitution is an itemized papers of any nation having the rules and laws of that country. All the nations must be have this lawful papers ready for concerning country.

If we go through the history, “None Action of Parliaments could be nu-constitutional, for the rules and regulations of the areas know not the phrase or the concept. From 1688 during the time of Great Revolution, the foundation of the British constitution has typically been the pure doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty, taking under consideration this the laws and rules approved by Parliament are the UK’s superior and last resource of law. It is followed by the Parliament could modify the constitution easily by moving new Functions of Parliament. There is fewer discussion regarding whether this concept continues to be legitimate, particularly in mild of the membership of UK’s in the European Union.

It is protecting the complete area coverage of 243,610 km2  and 1.34% water coverage with the British is the formal terminology here. London is the Capital of UK and its inhabitants is 63,181,775. Its  according to an calculate last year, complete GDP was $2.434 trillion and per household was $38,591. Formal Currency is the Pound sterling and Calling code is +44 . Nations having constitution could have greater issues than U.K, since Britain is still very constant and financially increasing country on the globe.

Opposite to the other countries, the United Kingdom has no individual constitute documentations. Sometimes it is indicated by revealing which shows that there is a un-codified or “unwritten” constitution.

More of the British constitutional documents is embodied in published records, within laws and rules, judge decision and agreements. The constitution has other unsaid resources, such as parliamentary constitutional conferences (as set out in Erskine May) and Royal Prerogatives.

Q: Which Country has No Written Constitution.?

Ans: United Kingdom is the nation that has no documented Constitution at the moment.