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Top Ten Largest gold producing country in the world

Top Ten Largest gold producing country in the world

Which Country has Most Gold in the World

In the World the Gold is too much precious and used metal for the jewelries on the globe its shade is shiny yellow colored. Gold is taken in use in various ways and many of its utilization highly usable jewelries.

From the old days to the current modern era the Gold has definitely gain the attention of public. It could be seems possible when we see the figures of money for the Ads of Gold throughout the world. Main of the wealth of the world is allocated UN-evenly, although, the Gold productions differs commonly among different countries. From comparative which are UN-known mostly i.e. Uzbekistan to longer times champs South African, the production of Gold with multitude of dozens of tones yearly is not unprecedented in many of the Gold rich countries.


5. South Africa

About 190,000 Kilograms of the Gold is produced yearly in the country of South Africa which makes it to come on the fifth number in Gold Production. And the most awesome thing regarding South Africa’s that there is still greater than 6,000 tons of Gold mining are left to be discovered.

4. Russia

Here in Russia there are more than 5,000 tons are still to found which are totally fresh, in the far eastern gets to of Siberia and beyond this, although the Russia has also been continuously import of Gold.

3. U.S.

 Here in this regard United States has left behind the Russia and U.S is on the 3rd ranked production of Gold at present rates. And it also has 8,000 tons of Gold are still to organize in these treasures by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury.

List of Top Ten Countries with Gold Production


No. Name of Country Production of Gold (Kilograms)
1.  ChinaChina 370,000
2.  Australia.svgAustralia  250,000
3.  United States.svgUnited States  230,000
4.  Russia.svgRussia  205,000
5.  South Africa.svgSouth Africa 190,000
6.  PeruPeru 165,000
7.  Canada.svgCanada  102,000
8.  IndonesiaIndonesia  95,000
9.  UzbekistanUzbekistan 90,000
10.  GhanaGhana 89,000


Q:           Which Country has Most Gold in the World?


Like the other so many aspects China is also on the Top position which has the most Gold in the world. And the China mines have about ⅓ greater than the next nearest opponent. While Australia comes on the 2nd number due to its precious and latest jewelries.