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Which Country Produces the Most Rice

Which Country Produces the Most Rice
Top Ten Countries of Largest Rice Production in the World

Top 10 Largest Exporters of Rice in the World

The Rice is the most eaten Food especially in Asia. Rice seed is basically belongs to the Mono-cots Plant botanically name as Oryza glaberrima “African rice” or Oryza sativa “Asian rice”. Everyone knows that the Rice is a cereals grain, and is the most widely consumed choice meal for most of the people of the World, particularly in Asia. And after the years the Rice is the not only the grain but also reached to the 2nd highest globally production crop, after maize, according to the stats.

Although the huge part of maize are produced for reasons other than people usage, Rice is of the great importance in food and crops productions with respect to individual nourishment and calorie consumption, offering greater than one 5th of the calories used globally by humans.


The Rice is becoming a preferable choice of food and a mainstay for the non-urban inhabitants and their meals securities. Rice is primarily harvested by small farm owners in holdings of lower than 1 hectare. The Rice as a feed is also a salary product for employees in the main cash crops or non agriculture areas. Furthermore, rice is vital for the nourishment of much of the inhabitants in Asia including Latin America and The Caribbean in the African localities. It is performing main role to the meals protection of over 50 % the globe inhabitants.


List of Top Ten Countries of Largest Rice Production in the World

Rank Country Pop
1.  ChinaChina  204.3
2.  23px-Flag_of_India.svgIndia  152.6
3.  IndonesiaIndonesia 69.0
4. Vietnam.svg Vietnam 43.7
5.  ThailandThailand  37.8
6.  BangladeshBangladesh 33.9
7.  burmaBurma 33.0
8.  Philippines.svgPhilippines 18.0
9.  Brazil.svgBrazil  11.5
10.  23px-Flag_of_Japan.svgJapan 10.7

Q: Which Country is the Largest Producer of Rice?

Ans: Making nations accounts for ninety five percent of the total rice production, while the Chinese and Indian both are accountable for about 50 percent production around the globe outcomes.